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Authors note: rape is mentioned in the first sentence just letting you know

          "She should be waking up soon, she has had surgery on her upper body, and a rape kit done which was negative." Came a strange voice.

"Thank you." Came a familiar voice. Alora opened her eyes everything was blurry and bright. She blinked and blinked until her vision became clearer. Alora groaned and the three people in the room looked at her.

"Hi Mr. Wayne." She said tiredly.

"Hello Alora….how are you feeling?" he asked. Alora was feeling weird as the memory of earier came back.

"Alone." She whispered some tears enting her eyes.

"We're sorry Alora." Said Bruce as she cried.

"What am I going to do." She whispered.

"Master Bruce has an idea." Said Alfred.

"More like an offer….Alora, if it's okay I would like to adopt you, so your not alone…..we found out you and Nick were living alone." Said Bruce. Alora frowned even more.

"How…." She began.

"We went to go tell your gaurdian but no one was there." He said. Alora started to cry again, but this time she cried of happiness.

"Thank you Mr.Wayne." she whispered as a Nurse came in.

"Visiting hours are over." She said and the men….her new family shuffled out. Alora layed down crying still, now she wished she could forget today and go back in time and live when she was younger when she wasn't truly alone.
It had been a week and the papers were final, Alora was now a Wayne she even took the last name. Right now Alfred pulled up to her old house and hleped her out.

"Let's go in Miss Alora and get your things you need then we'll drop you off at Master Bruces friend Courtney's house and allow you to go shopping." He said leading her into the house. Alroa looked aorund at the house aher and her brother lived in. She slowly walked to her room with Alfred carrying some suite cases. She walked to her bed and picked up her teddy with her parents wedding rings on her necklance. She put it in ove of the suite cases and went to her pillow and lifted it up pulling out a photo album and put it away in the bag. She knelt down and pulled out a big box and held in tears as she packed it.

"Do you want any of these cloths Miss Alora?" asked alfred.

"No." she said and headed into her brother room. She entered it and walked to his drawer and took out a box marked Alora & Nick's fund. She opened it where money including her parents wallet's were filled to the point of overflowing. She closed it and walked back to her room and put it into her suitcase.

"All set Miss Alora?" questioned Alfred entering her bedroom with filled suitecases.

"I just need to get a box on our way out." She said and then walked towards the front door. Alfred passed her and Alroa stopped and reached up on a shelf and dragged down  a huge box. The sound it made was like there were thousands of movies inside. Alora followed Alfred and they walked from the house got in the car and drove away. Then Alfred drove to Bruce's friends house. There Alfred introduced Courtney to Alora.

"Please dear call me Purby." She said and Alora smiled weakly.

"Come on dear let's go get you some new cloths." Purby said and they got back into the car and went shopping. For three hour's Alora fogot about how lonely she felt and how she would be staying in a new, unfamiliar house. When they arrived back at Courtney's house Alora's saddness returned and reality set in for her. She just wanted to go home….. but she was going to her new home. Alora got into the car and slumpt in the back seat, bags surrounding her.

"Well Miss alora let's get you home and settled in before the Master's get home." Said Alfred and he pulled away.

"Okay Alfred….ummmm what does Mr. Wayne want me to call him?" she asked.

"Well, Master Richard calls him Bruce or Dad, you may call him either as well but Mr.Wayne is what his father was called." Alfred said.

"Oh." She replied and looked out the window. The tree's past by as they hit the outskirts of Gotham. Then Alora was amazed she had only seen the Wayne mansion when she was two and they had dinner here. Alfred pulled in and turned the car off and got out. Alora opened her door and got out looking up at the mansion as Alfred got her bags out of the car.

"Follow me." said Alfred with her bags and walked up the steps and opened the front door. Alora walked in after him and he closed the door behind her.

"I'll show you to your room." Alfred said and started up a big stair case and Alora followed him. Alfred turned down the hall  on e door passed them and they stopped and he opened the door. Alora walked in a smiled in awe. The room was huge. A king sized bed with a purple, blue and black sheets, pillows and comfeters were on the left side of the right side of the room. She had a dresser/dest with a mirror made for make up. A desk facing the window with paper, pens and a new laptop. A t.v was hung up across from the bed and a small couch with a comfty chair was facing it.

"This is like a house." She said and walked into the room touching the table next to the bed.

"I shall call you for dinner, do you need me to unpack for you?" he asked.

"No thank you Alfred." She said and he put the bags down. Alfred nodded and left her alone, closeing the door behind him. Alora walked over to the bags and grabbed her suitcase and took out the big box and brought it to the couch and opened it. Alora smiled and pick out a vhs. She walked over to the t.v and put it in grabbing the remot and walked o the bed and climbed up on it and snuggled under the covers. She pressed play and the t.v turned on. The tape began to play. It was Scooby doo it was Nick's old tapes. Alora got up and grabbed her teddy bear and crawled  back into bed feeling a bit closer to her brother.


"She hasn't come down yet." Complained Richard and frowned.

"I'll go get her then." Said Alfred and he went up the stairs to the door and knocked on it.

"Alora dinner." He said but no anserw came. He opened the door and saw her alseep in her new bed cuddling with the teddy bear and Scooby Doo still playing on the t.v.  Alfred smiled and walked over to the t.v and turned it off and walked back out closeing the door silently behind him and decend back down the stairs and into the dinning room.

"Miss Alora will not be at dinner tonight, she has fallen asleep." he said and left Bruce and Richard to eating.

A Week later…..

"Miss Alora you haven't eaten anything, come on and eat." Said Alfred talking to a very skinny and sickly looking Alora laying in her bed.

"I'm not hungy Alfred." She said and turned her  back to him.

"Miss Alora come on I'm taking you to the hospital." He said and she groaned and weakly got up and stumbled. Alfred frowned and helped her out the door.

"Where's Dad and Dick?" she asked as they exited the mansion.

"Out." Alfred simply anserwed and helped her into the car and drove her to hospital and she was put into a room immidently I mean don't want to keep the daughter even if she was addopted , of Bruce Wayne waiting. The doctor arriced in no time.

"Hello Alora, im Doctor Regan how about we start with you telling me why you came here?" he asked and she frowned.

"Miss Alora hasn't been eating for the past week, and has lost a lot of weight." Alfred responded.

"Well then why won't you eat Alora?" asked Dr. Regan.

"I haven't been hungry." She said. This whole insident started after her brother's funeral she just sat in her room watching Scooby Doo.

"I see well I'm going to give you a prescription that you have to take while eating." He said and filled out a prescription and handed it to Alfred who looked at it. It red
just buy some suger pills and give them to her. Dr. Regan smiled at him and then left soon after Alfred and Alora left and went to the store, he walked in bought some sugar pills and payed for them walking back out and driving them home. He helped her to the dinner table and cooked her up some rice and chicken and then brought them to her along with the pill and a glass of juice. She sighed and took a bite of the chicken and her eye's lite up and began eating everything on her plate and she took the pill when she finished she smiled.

"That was delicious Alfred!" she smiled and then got up and made her way up to her room.

"Guess the only medience she needed was to just taste my cooking." He said and took the dirty plates back into the kitchen. From that meal on Alora barley ever missed a meal.
okay chapter 3 is up yay im on a roll
hope you liked it
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